Cleaning, Service & Maintenance

We offer the full gamut of services including:

Stuever & Sons would like to thank you for the opportunity to bid on the draft beer line sanitation and system maintenance. The cost of our standard service is $6.00 per faucet or $38.00 minimum charge plus a $3 fuel charge will be added to each ticket. Prices will remain unchanged for a minimum1 year. We recommend a weekly or biweekly beer line-cleaning interval. This is consistent with Illinois law. In addition to providing a professional cleaning with the use of chemicals specific to beer line sanitation, our service includes:

For service unrelated to beer line cleaning and general maintenance, service work is available 5 days a week between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00pm. During those hours a service call rate of $80.00 plus $80.00 per hour applies. After 5:00pm & Saturday until 5:00pm the service rate is $120.00 per hour. If needed, Saturday emergency service is available.

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