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Bar Inventory Management for Draft Beer

Running a bar or restaurant can be an exciting venture, but unfortunately less exciting tasks often take up your staff’s time. One of the most tedious tasks is bar inventory management. It’s a necessary evil that, if not done correctly, can lead to significant losses. This is especially true when it comes to draft beer, where issues like over-foaming, quality inconsistencies, spillage, and equipment malfunctions can wreak havoc on your inventory and profitability. That’s why effective monitoring systems are essential to ensure you maximize the return on investment from your draft offerings.

There are different types of draft inventory management systems available, and in this article we’ll discuss two main systems, their advantages, and share our preferred system that we offer to our Stuever & Sons clients.

The Traditional Choice: Beverage Flow Meters

Beverage flow meters have long been a go-to option for bar inventory management. These devices are designed to measure the quantity of beer, wine, or other beverages as they are dispensed, providing real-time data on consumption. Turbine flow meters, in particular, have been a staple in the beverage industry.

Turbine flow meters are installed on the beer line. As liquid flows through the device, it drives a rotor within the flow stream. The flow meter calculates the liquid’s speed by measuring the rotor’s rotational speed, allowing for precise determination of the volume of beer dispensed. This data is then relayed to the connected Point of Sale (POS) system, giving bar owners an accurate picture of the amount of beer poured.

While flow meters have been a reliable choice for many bars, recent advancements in inventory management technology have ushered in more sophisticated systems that offer a lot more than just tracking the quantity of beer served. After all, today’s bars often serve a wide range of beverages, making a more comprehensive bar inventory management system a necessity.

Meet BarTrack: A Cutting-Edge Solution

Stuever & Sons recommends BarTrack to all our clients for bar inventory management. BarTrack is a hospitality technology company at the forefront of innovation in beverage equipment designed to empower business owners in managing their inventories effectively. What sets BarTrack apart is its revolutionary Beverage Sensor, which brings several unique advantages to the table compared to traditional turbine flow meters.

One standout feature is that the Beverage Sensor operates without any moving parts or obstructions, leading to more precise readings and enhanced ease of use. It continuously monitors various beverage parameters, ensuring that the draft system operates at peak performance while maintaining the highest beer quality. Some of the variables it monitors include:

  • Flow and Keg Level
  • Line Temperature
  • Keg Pressure
  • Cooler Health
  • Line Cleanliness
  • And more

What truly sets BarTrack apart is its integration with the Point of Sale system, enabling bar owners and staff to monitor real-time inventory of their draft beer offerings as each pint is sold. This invaluable data streamlines ordering and production processes, potentially saving bars money by preventing over-purchasing of kegs and pinpointing areas of waste.

Moreover, the BarTrack app provides comprehensive insights into draft system quality and performance. Staff can effortlessly access temperature, pressure, and cleanliness readings, ensuring the consistent quality of beer over time and preventing issues like spoilage, dispensing inconsistencies, and equipment malfunctions. With real-time data on draft system performance, business owners can address maintenance concerns promptly, avoiding costly downtime.

The Beverage Sensor can also be configured to work with cocktails-on-tap, wine-on-tap, or nitro cold brew, making it a versatile solution for managing your entire bar. It covers aspects such as cooler readings and glycol management for power packs, and it even has the capacity to measure bottle and can inventory while integrating supply chain factors that might impact inventory. BarTrack’s comprehensive system truly makes it an indispensable asset for any bar.

Elevate Your Bar Inventory Management with BarTrack and Stuever & Sons

At Stuever & Sons, we recommend the BarTrack system for bar inventory management. BarTrack and the Beverage Sensor can significantly enhance inventory management processes and help bar owners maintain the highest quality standards. With real-time monitoring of draft levels and the ability to identify areas of loss, BarTrack can save bar owners money while ensuring they get the most out of their kegs.

The advanced capabilities of the Beverage Sensor have made it an indispensable tool for bars looking to elevate their beverage service and enhance their bottom line. If you’re interested in implementing BarTrack at your establishment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 630-307-8787

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