Beer Draft Systems

A beer draft system is a crucial component in any bar or restaurant. The first step in designing a beer draft system is to determine the type of beer that will be served, as different types of beer require different pressures and temperatures. For example, lagers and pilsners require higher pressure and cooler temperatures than ales and stouts. Once your business’s preferred beer has been established, the size and length of the beer lines, as well as the type of faucets, must be determined. A general rule of thumb is that for every foot of beer line, there should be one pound of pressure to maintain the proper carbonation level.

Careful Planning And Attention To Detail Required

It is crucial to install the beer lines correctly, ensuring that there are no kinks or bends in the lines that could cause air pockets or blockages. The beer lines must also be adequately insulated to maintain the correct temperature and prevent foaming. Properly designed and installed systems will ensure that the beer served is high quality and that customers will be satisfied with their experience.
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