Beer Line Chicago Troubleshooting Consulting

Stuever & Sons, Inc., can help you troubleshoot your bar equipment and beer line in Chicago, as well as your beer and wine systems. If you are having trouble with your current system please contact us. We have over 45 years of experience servicing draft beer, wine and soda systems.

Give us the opportunity to share our knowledge and you will not be disappointed.

To diagnose a draught problem, hold a clean glass at a 45 degree angle under the faucet and open the tap completely. Use the troubleshooting guide below to find a potential cause and solution for your problem.

Potential Causes Symptoms Symptoms
Keg is empty Gas will rush out of faucet Connect a full keg
Gas tank is empty Other draught lines will start to pour slowly, gas tank volume gauge will read “0” Connect a full gas tank
Gas valves are shut off Beer pours very slowly and stops, but gas tank volume gauge shows that there is gas in the tank Turn the toggle so that it is parallel with the gas line
Beer line is frozen Beer trickles out or stops in one tap or multiple adjacent taps. Turn the glycol system off for 1 hour, then try pouring
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