A walk in cooler, where a Carbon Dioxide monitor could be put to good use.

Does Your Business Have a Carbon Dioxide Monitor?

Chances are your bar, restaurant, or brewery uses CO2 and is in need of a carbon dioxide monitor. CO2 gas, being tasteless, odorless, and invisible, can pose a life-threatening risk that’s difficult to detect. With this in mind, we at Stuever & Sons want to discuss the risks associated with CO2. We firmly believe that education on CO2 leaks can do wonders in preventing harm.

CO2 Asphyxiation in Walk-In Coolers

CO2 leaks can release dangerous amounts of gas into confined spaces, such as walk-in coolers in a bar, restaurant or brewery, before your staff even realizes there is an issue. That CO2 that’s commonly used in beverage dispensing, upon its release, can displace oxygen and accumulate in enclosed spaces. The danger extends beyond oxygen displacement, as even low levels of CO2 in the air can be hazardous. At concentrations exceeding 5% (50,000 ppm), CO2 can depress the central nervous system, leading to unconsciousness and potentially fatal outcomes.

Why Are Walk-in Coolers at a Higher Risk?

CO2 leaks can occur at various points within a beverage dispensing system, making detection challenging. However, seeing as walk-in coolers are enclosed spaces with limited air circulation, they are more susceptible to gradual increases in CO2 levels due to leaks.

Since CO2 is both odorless and invisible, individuals entering or working in a cooler are unaware of its presence or concentration. This lack of awareness makes it easy to have dangerous or lethal levels of CO2 without realizing it. For these reasons, business owners should be most cautious of CO2 leaks in their bar, restaurant, or brewery’s walk-in cooler.

How Can I Protect My Staff from CO2 Leaks?

One of the primary ways to protect your staff, your business, and yourself is to invest in a Carbon Dioxide monitor. These devices should be capable of detecting low levels of CO2 and installed at the appropriate height, as CO2 gas tends to sink in sealed environments.

Also, implementing simple changes to existing policies and setups can help prevent death or injury due to CO2 leaks. For instance, a policy can be established to ensure no one enters a walk-in cooler alone. Accompanying personnel can monitor the environment for any changes before potential harm occurs.

Proper ventilation of CO2 from walk-in coolers should also be considered during installation or remodeling. Ventilation directs CO2 to an outside area where it can disperse safely, provided it complies with safety codes.

Invest in a Carbon Dioxide Monitor, Safety Protocols, and Staff Training

CO2 asphyxiation in walk-in coolers is an urgent concern within the beverage dispensing industry. By raising awareness and encouraging action, we hope to protect lives and reduce the risks associated with this extremely useful gas. Investing in a Carbon Dioxide monitor, implementing safety protocols, and ensuring employee education are vital steps toward a safer environment for your bar, brewery, or restaurant.

Stuever & Sons firmly believes that achieving peace of mind can be accomplished through the adoption of straightforward measures, such as the installation of a Carbon Dioxide monitor. These proactive steps described above, as simple as they are, will help prevent accidents and save lives. Should you have any concerns with the structural integrity of your walk-in cooler or beverage dispensing equipment, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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