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Chicago Beer Tap Systems

Stuever & Sons’ specializes in Chicago beer tap systems troubleshooting and consulting services involve identifying and addressing issues with equipment, as well as providing guidance and advice on how to optimize operations. By troubleshooting and consulting we can help businesses quickly and efficiently address any issues with their equipment, frequently before the issues even arise.

Decades of Experience With Chicago Beer Tap Systems

After decades of experience and training in this industry, our experts have valuable insights into improving beverage dispensing. We help businesses gain a better understanding of their equipment, identify potential issues before they become significant problems, and receive guidance on how to optimize their operations.
At Stuever & Sons, we understand the needs of our clientele and strive to offer services suitable for all businesses. Our workday service offerings, between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, are designed to be accessible and easily manageable, with nights and Saturdays available in cases of emergency. We take pride in providing flexible and comprehensive customer service to meet the needs of each business calling on us. We hope to hear from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

My draft system is pouring out too much foam. What do I do?
While draft beer should naturally form a ½-1” foam head when poured, too much foam can be a sign of an issue with your draft beer system. Foaming in draft beer systems can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Temperature: Beer that’s too warm (above 40°F) can cause carbon dioxide to escape and create foam. Ideally, beer should be between 36–38°F. However, if the beer is too cold, it can be difficult to get a foam head on the glass.
  • Dirty Lines: Dirty beer lines can cause excessive foaming due to a buildup of yeast, bacteria, or other sediments. Cleaning kits can help flush out the lines and dispense parts.
  • CO2 Pressure: Incorrect CO2 pressure in relation to the beer’s temperature can also cause too much foam.
  • Carbonation: Beer that’s under-carbonated won’t produce enough foam, while over-carbonation can cause too much.
  • Other Factors: Running cold beer through warm lines, serving beer too far from the keg, or a dirty faucet can also contribute to foamy beer.

To learn more about these common causes of foamy draft beer, read our detailed blog on foam: Why Does Beer Foam?

Foam-on-beer (FOB) detectors can prevent foam caused by gas intrusion when a keg is empty. They stop gas from entering the beer lines, which helps maintain the proper beer flow and reduces foaming. To learn about the benefits of using FOB detectors, read on: How a Foam-on-Beer Detector Can Increase Profits.

Something is wrong with my draft beer system, but I’m not sure what part. Where should I start?
If you are experiencing issues with your draft beer system but are unfamiliar with its components, start with our guide on the elements of commercial draft beer systems. This may help you get closer to pinpointing the issue.

If you are unable to repair or troubleshoot the issue, the team at Stuever & Sons is here to help. Please contact us to schedule a service call so we can look at your system and address the problem head-on.

I’m starting a new business and need a draft beer system, but I’m not sure which kind I need. What are the most common draft beer system types?
The two most common types of draft beer systems are the direct draw and the long draw or thru-the-wall system. We also install a lot of freestanding keg boxes to our customers. Several factors, including the size of your establishment and the number of taps you want, will help determine which type of system you may need.

The best way to determine what type of draft system you may need is to talk to a professional. At Stuever & Sons, we are draft system experts and have completed thousands of successful installations over the years. We’d love to help you find the perfect system for your needs. Check out installation services to learn more.

My draft beer tastes funky. What is the problem?
The most common reason for funky or “off” tasting draft beer is dirty beer lines. When beer lines get dirty, sediment forms in them from old beer. This can lead to all kinds of cleanliness issues on top of bad-tasting draft beer.

Stuver & Sons provides regular beer cleaning services to businesses in the Chicago area. With regular line cleaning, you can ensure your draft beer system is fully functional and maintained for safe operation and service. In addition, beer line cleaning can even boost your profits! Read our blog to learn more.

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