Draft beer system in Arlington Heights

Stuever & Sons Draft Beer System in Arlington Heights

For over 40 years, Stuever & Sons has provided restaurants and bars with a custom draft beer system in Arlington Heights and the surrounding Chicagoland area. We’ve seen the growth of Chicago’s craft beer culture and have supplied top-of-the-line draft systems to countless bars and restaurants that are making waves in the scene.

We’re proud to be the leading provider of draft beer equipment in Arlington Heights and we’re excited to continue helping up-and-coming businesses with their beer tap needs. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality custom dispensing solutions, and our expertise lies in designing creative systems that help business owners maximize taste, quality, and profits.

Our Custom Design Process


At Stuever & Sons, our goal is to help bring your vision to life. Our team specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining your custom draft beer system in Arlington Heights. We’ll work with you from conception to completion to ensure your complete satisfaction with your new draft system. 

Our comprehensive design process places you at the forefront. We’ll communicate with you at every stage to ensure your new draft system fits your expectations.


We take a collaborative approach, adhering to your requirements to design the perfect dispensing solution. By integrating your vision with our expertise, we’ll begin designing a system that meets your preferences and find the best equipment for your specific needs.


Our design team has worked on countless projects big and small, and we can create a tailor-made tap system design that performs perfectly. We want to exceed your expectations and make your ideal design a reality.


Once the design is approved, our installation team will set up your new, custom draft system. We also offer draft system training and maintenance, ensuring a seamless transition to your new system and cleaning services to keep it functioning well.

Draft Beer Systems and Equipment

While the draft beer system in Arlington Heights is what we’re famous for, we offer all types of beverage equipment to keep your bar ahead of the curve. We only provide equipment from the most trusted brands, ensuring top performance and longevity.

Top-Tier Systems

We only install the most reliable draft systems and equipment. Working within your budget, we provide top-tier systems that align with your business needs, guaranteeing peak performance. Our range of products includes glycol-cooled systems, direct draw, kegerator systems, and additional draft beer equipment to help with all your beverage service needs.

Expertly Crafted Draft Beer Systems

We design custom dispensing systems tailored to your distinct requirements while delivering impeccable pour quality. With a portfolio spanning home brew systems to hundreds of taps, we guarantee a design that suits your individual needs.

Additional Draft Beer Gear

From keg lifters to CO2 monitors and more, our range covers all your operational requirements. We are a one-stop shop for your beverage service needs and can help you find equipment that will set your bar apart from the crown.

Maintenance for Your Draft Beer System in Arlington Heights

In the food and beverage industry, equipment challenges can surface. Stuever & Sons offers troubleshooting and consulting services to help bars and restaurants overcome any issues they might face with draft systems. Be it resolving technical problems, optimizing system efficiency, or providing expert advice on system upgrades, our knowledgeable professionals are committed to ensuring that your draft beer systems operate flawlessly.

Beer Line Cleaning and Maintenance

Ensuring the best quality and flavor of beer is a key priority for any establishment. Stuever & Sons offers professional beer line cleaning, guaranteeing that your draft beer systems in Arlington Heights are free from contaminants and impeccably maintained. Our technicians use cutting-edge equipment and industry-approved techniques to guarantee the utmost cleanliness and performance of the beer lines. Entrusting your draft beer system in Arlington Heights to Stuever & Sons ensures businesses like yours deliver a consistent and delightful beer-drinking experience for customers.

Supporting Chicagoland’s Beer Culture

Embedded in Chicagoland’s beer culture, Stuever & Sons takes pride in contributing to the area’s reputation as a prime spot for beer enthusiasts. Our dedication to quality and innovation enhances the drinking experience for your customers, whether they’re seeking unique craft brews or casually savoring a refreshing pint.

Trust Your Draft Beer System in Arlington Heights to Stuever & Sons

Stuever & Sons is dedicated to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in Arlington Heights and beyond. Our commitment to high-quality service has made us the top choice for businesses in Northern Illinois and Indiana, and we’re proud to help business owners in our area get the equipment they need to succeed,

We’re committed to elevating the beer-drinking experience for businesses in Arlington Heights, ensuring that everyone who orders a pint can have a taste of the finest brews Chicagoland has to offer. If you want to enhance your beer tap service in Arlington Heights, reach out to our team today.

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