Custom draft beer system in Des Plaines

Custom Draft Beer System in Des Plaines From Stuever & Sons

For over four decades, Stuever & Sons has been a cornerstone for the draft beer system in Des Plaines and the broader Chicagoland area. We’ve contributed to the evolution of Chicago’s craft beer culture by supplying cutting-edge draft systems to numerous bars and restaurants shaping the local scene.

We take pride in being the premier provider of draft beer equipment in Des Plaines for so many years. We remain dedicated to helping new and existing businesses with their beer tap needs and are committed to delivering the highest quality custom dispensing solutions.

Beverage Equipment and Draft Beer System in Des Plaines


While specializing in the draft beer system in Des Plaines, we offer a range of beverage equipment from trusted brands. From custom-designed draft beer systems to cocktail dispensers, we cater to all your beverage service needs.

Peak-Performance Draft Systems:

We provide reliable draft systems aligned with your business needs, ensuring peak performance within your budget. We offer glycol-cooled systems, direct draw and kegerator systems as well as additional draft beer equipment to keep your business running smoothly.

Custom Draft Beer System in Des Plaines Designed by Experts:

Our design team has extensive experience in creating unique draft systems that meet our clients’ needs. From in-home systems to full-scale breweries, we can design a custom system for you.

Additional Draft Equipment:

From keg lifters to CO2 monitors and more, we cover all your operational needs, ensuring your bar stands out. We’ll outfit your business with all the tools you need to operate seamlessly.

Our Comprehensive Design Process

At Stuever & Sons, we work with you to actualize your draft design vision. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining a custom draft beer system in Des Plaines that get a perfect pour each time. Our comprehensive design process involves collaboration and communication at every stage to ensure the system fits your expectations.


We follow a collaborative approach, integrating your requirements with our expertise to envision the perfect dispensing solution that aligns with your preferences and business needs.


Our experienced team designs a tailor-made tap system to exceed your expectations and bring your ideal setup to life.


Upon design approval, our installation team sets up your new, custom draft system. We also offer system training and maintenance services for a smooth transition and optimal functionality.

Maintenance For Your Draft Beer System in Des Plaines

Stuever & Sons offers troubleshooting, consulting, and professional beer line cleaning services for your draft beer system in Des Plaines. Our experts ensure flawless system operation, troubleshoot technical issues, optimize efficiency, and maintain cleanliness in beer lines. If problems arrive, we’ll send a technician to provide maintenance as quickly as possible so you can keep your business running efficiently.

Supporting Chicagoland’s Beer Culture

Stuever & Sons is proud to be a contributor to Chicagoland’s growing beer culture. We are committed to enhancing the drinking experience for customers seeking unique craft brews. Through quality and innovation, we are furthering the area’s reputation as a prime spot for beer enthusiasts.

Contact Stuever & Sons for Your Draft Beer System in Des Plaines

Stuever & Sons is devoted to excellence, inventive solutions, and exceeding customer expectations. Our unwavering dedication to superior service has made us the preferred choice for your draft beer system in Des Plaines, across Northern Illinois and throughout Indiana. We take immense pride in supporting local business owners by providing them with the necessary equipment to thrive.

Our goal is to enhance the beer-drinking experience for businesses in Des Plaines. We’re determined to ensure that each customer at your business encounters the finest brews Chicagoland has to offer. If you’re looking to elevate your beer tap service in Des Plaines, connect with our team today

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