Draft Beer System in Schaumburg IL

Custom Draft Beer System in Schaumburg IL

With our draft beer system in Schaumburg IL, Stuever & Sons has seen immense growth in the city’s craft beer culture. With dozens of new breweries and bars popping up and their annual Septemberfest, it’s fair to say that Schaumburg is a city that likes its beer. As this beer culture continues to expand, we have had the privilege to provide many businesses in the town with custom draft beer system installation and more. It’s great to see craft beer bring the community together, providing the perfect venue for connecting with each other. It’s even better when that beer is poured perfectly!

Experts in Tailored Draft Beer Systems

Stuever & Sons offers an array of services for bars, breweries, and restaurants. While beer will always be close to our hearts, our services go beyond installing and remodeling draft beer systems. Here’s our comprehensive list of services we provide to our clients:

Wine-on-tap Equipment
The rising trend of wine-on-tap is taking the restaurant and bar scene in Schaumburg, IL, by storm. Embracing this innovative approach over traditional bottled wine comes with an array of advantages. At Stuever & Sons, we specialize in crafting and installing top-notch wine-on-tap systems for your establishment, ensuring impeccable storage and serving of the wine-on-tap.

Nitro Cold Brew Machines
The allure of nitro-infused beverages extends well beyond coffee shops and cafes in Schaumburg. This cutting-edge technology has become a sought-after feature in numerous restaurants and bars, thanks to the velvety-smooth texture and unique flavor profile it imparts on cold brews.

Frozen Drink Systems
Beat the heat and captivate your Schaumburg customers with delightful, refreshing treats. Our frozen drink machines are incredibly versatile and capable of dispensing a wide variety of icy delights, including smoothies, slushies, and frozen cocktails.

From craft breweries to neighborhood pubs and high-end restaurants, Stuever & Sons provides expert beer system solutions. Our state-of-the-art beer dispensers cater to the specific needs of your establishment, ensuring a perfect pour every time.

Cleaning & Maintenance for Draft Beer System in Schaumburg IL

The quality and taste of the beer you serve is one of the most important factors for any bar. Stuever & Sons specializes in professional beer line cleaning, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and industry-approved techniques. Our experienced technicians work diligently to guarantee optimal cleanliness and maintenance of beer lines, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable beer-drinking experience for your valued customers.

Consultation and Troubleshooting

Challenges can arise with any specialty brewery equipment, but we are here to help. Stuever & Sons offers troubleshooting and consulting services to assist Schaumburg’s bars and restaurants in overcoming any obstacles they may face with their draft systems. From resolving technical issues to optimizing system efficiency and providing expert advice on upgrades, our team is available and dedicated to helping your systems operate without a hitch.

Custom Designs and Walk-In Coolers

Beyond tap system installations and cleanings, Stuever & Sons offers customized keg racking and walk-in cooler installations to maximize efficiency and save space for Schaumburg establishments. We have a wealth of experience in designing and setting up walk-in coolers, and we can ensure that beers are stored and served at the optimal temperature so your customers always have the best beer-drinking experience.

Supporting the Schaumburg Beer Culture

We are thrilled to play a role in the burgeoning beer culture in Schaumburg. Stuever & Sons is dedicated to providing top-quality draft beer systems in Schaumburg IL, improving the drinking experience for residents and promoting success for business owners. We can’t wait to see how this growing craft beer scene changes and thrives.

The Trusted Source for a Draft Beer System in Schaumburg IL

Stuever & Sons stands out as the preferred choice for Schaumburg’s draft beer system installation, maintenance, and upgrading services. Our focus is helping bar owners provide the best tasting beers that Schaumburg has to offer so patrons keep coming back for more. Reach out to us, and together, let’s take your draft beer system in Schaumburg IL to new heights.

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