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Why Your Bar Should Serve a Variety of Drinks On Tap

In the food and beverage industry, there’s a growing trend towards serving drinks on tap, and for good reason. Whether it’s beer, coffee, wine, or even cocktails, having a diverse selection of drinks on tap can significantly enhance the appeal, service level, and profitability of your bar. Let’s delve into the reasons why your business should consider embracing this trend.

The Benefits of Drinks On Tap

Drinks on tap offer numerous benefits both for bar owners and customers alike. Firstly, they provide consistency in taste and quality. With drinks dispensed through specialized systems, you can ensure that each serving maintains its intended flavor profile, eliminating inconsistencies often found in bottled or canned beverages.

Drinks on tap can also enhance the overall customer experience. With faster service and reduced wait times, patrons can enjoy their favorite beverages in an instant. That means the potential for customers ordering multiple drinks increases, service speed increases, and customer satisfaction increases.

Additionally, you can save time on washing mixing spoons, cocktail shakers and other mixology tools all night with drinks on tap. The clean-up time spent between making different drinks for each guest adds up throughout the night, but with a draft cocktail dispenser, you won’t need to mix each drink individually, saving precious service time.

Beer on Tap

Beer is perhaps the most popular choice for on-tap drinks in bars worldwide. From classic lagers to artisanal craft brews, having a diverse selection of beers on tap can attract beer enthusiasts and novices alike. With the ability to rotate kegs and introduce seasonal or limited-edition brews, you can keep your beer selection fresh and entice your customers to return for any specials.

Coffee on Tap

While traditionally associated with beer, the concept of serving coffee on tap is gaining traction in the beverage industry. Cold brew coffee, in particular, has seen a surge in popularity, thanks to its smooth taste and lower acidity. By offering coffee on tap, you can cater to customers seeking a refreshing caffeine fix, especially during warmer months.

Wine on Tap

Wine enthusiasts are also embracing the concept of wine on tap. By utilizing specialized wine dispensing systems, bars can offer a selection of wines by the glass, ensuring freshness and minimizing waste. With the ability to serve wine at the optimal temperature and prevent oxidation, wine on tap provides a premium experience for discerning patrons.

Cocktails on Tap

For bars looking to elevate their cocktail offerings, serving cocktails on tap is a game-changer. Pre-batching cocktails and storing them in kegs allows for efficient service during peak hours while maintaining consistency in flavor and presentation. Additionally, bartenders can experiment with unique concoctions and seasonal flavors, providing customers with innovative drink options they won’t find elsewhere.

Try drinks on tap at Your Bar

Embracing the trend of serving drinks on tap can revolutionize your bar’s beverage program. Whether it’s beer, coffee, wine, cocktails, or all of the above, offering a diverse selection of drinks on tap can enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and boost profitability.

If you’re interested in seeing how different drinks on tap can benefit your bar’s bottom line, give Stuever & Sons a call. We offer systems for draft beer, nitro cold brew, wine on tap and draft cocktails and can assist with the expert installation of high-performing, high-quality dispense equipment. Our team has a collective decades of experience serving the beverage industry and we’d love to help give your bar a boost in profits through a variety of drinks on tap and systems.

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