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Draft Beer System Installers and More

At Stuever & Sons, Inc., we strive to be a fun and enriching workplace that prioritizes providing employees with the tools and resources necessary to become true beer system installation professionals. 

Our supportive environment is one that fosters growth and success through continuous training, offering competitive benefits, process improvement strategies, and opportunities for advancement. 

We want our employees to feel confident using their expertise to make meaningful contributions to our mission. It’s only with the dedication of draft beer system installers like you that we are able to excel beyond customer expectations every day.

Why Join Stuever & Sons?

Stuever & Sons, Inc. offers top-notch installation and support services to fulfill any business’s project requirements. Our team is always one point of contact away, providing scalable and expandable solutions. When working with us, you can look forward to the following:

  • Fairness across the board with open communication at all levels. We are all held to the same standards, and no one is given preferential treatment.
  • A workplace community that supports its workers. We understand (and expect) the occasional slip-up and lift up each other’s successes.
  • Trustworthy and personable leadership that respects individuals. We understand that workers are people with lives outside of Stuever & Sons, and we respect that
  • Opportunities to innovate and improve processes. We hire individuals who impress us. With that in mind, we want to provide you with opportunities to continue to do so.

Who Would You Be Working With?

Stuever & Sons, Inc. is a premier provider specializing in the installation, remodeling, and upgrading of draft beer, wine, margarita systems, and other bar/restaurant equipment across Northern Illinois and Indiana. Stuever & Sons’ comprehensive services cover all aspects of draft beer and bar equipment, from air/glycol-cooled systems to stainless bar tools.

Whether businesses want to streamline their bar system with custom keg racking or walk-in cooler installation, Stuever & Sons can lessen the burden with professional cleanings, optimal maintenance, and custom installations. 

We Hope to Hear From You Soon

Stuever & Sons, Inc. offers top-notch installation and support services to fulfill business project requirements. Whatever job bars or restaurants need done, such as upgrading their equipment, setting up a new draft beer system in one place or multiple locations, or needing technical assistance – Stuever & Sons, Inc. has the team to offer the best service in a timely manner and within budget. We hope you will consider joining it.

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