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Pour Better Beer and Wine-on-Tap with a Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen gas offers so many benefits for your beverages– it preserves the natural shelf life of beer, maintains optimal carbonation under pressure, and ensures maximum keg yield. It’s no surprise then that the nitrogen generator has become a highly sought-after product for dispensing draft beer and wine-on-tap. Nitrogen generators actually produce nitrogen themselves, removing the need for expensive nitrogen deliveries. At Stuever & Sons, we’ve installed several nitrogen generators for various projects and have seen just how effective and beneficial they are to our clients. A nitrogen generator may be the key that your bar is missing and can help save you time and money by cutting out deliveries and performance issues. Let’s dive into how nitrogen generators work, and how they can positively impact your business.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work?

If you’re unfamiliar with nitrogen generators, you may be wondering how these machines are able to produce nitrogen on their own. It may seem like magic, but nitrogen generators are actually able to create nitrogen through selective separation. Selective separation is a process that converts atmospheric air into nitrogen. Atmospheric air, the air all around us, contains approximately 78% nitrogen. A nitrogen generator is able to harness that nitrogen by running the atmospheric air through an air compressor. The air compressor sends the compressed atmospheric air to the separation column which contains a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). The CMS is like a strainer or colander for the nitrogen. It is composed of highly engineered carbon that can separate the oxygen from atmospheric air, harness the nitrogen and purify it. Nitrogen generators produce completely pure nitrogen gas with zero contaminants or oxygen. The purity of nitrogen gas is crucial for serving draft beer or wine on tap, as contaminants cause issues with dispensing and taste.

The Benefits of Nitrogen Gas Generators

There are several key reasons why many bars and restaurants are utilizing nitrogen gas for their beer and wine-on-tap.
  • Consistent pours: Nitrogen gas ensures that each pour, whether it’s beer, wine, or another beverage, is of the same quality as the time of kegging.
  • Minimized oxidation: Using nitrogen gas for dispensing helps reduce oxidation, meaning your beverages will stay fresh longer.
  • Heightened flavors: Nitrogen gas does not pollute the flavors or aromas of the beverages and can actually amplify them, making drinks taste even better.
If your bar is already using nitrogen gas for dispensing, you’re probably aware of these benefits. With a nitrogen gas generator, you can experience even more benefits by foregoing the need for gas cylinder delivery. Gas cylinders take up quite a bit of space to store, and moving them around can be a hassle. With a nitrogen generator, you won’t have to lug around those awkward cylinders anymore. Additionally, you can save money by skipping the fees from your gas distributor. While a nitrogen gas generator will require investment upfront, it can save you a lot of capital in the long run.

Interested in a Nitrogen Generator? Stuever Can Help

Nitrogen generators are a great resource for bars and restaurants today. By creating nitrogen gas on-site, these machines can seriously improve beverage quality for draft beer, wine-on-tap, cocktails, coffee, and more. By generating nitrogen independently, they can save restaurants money on gas cylinder deliveries and remove the need for additional cylinder storage space. As draft beverage technology advances, more innovations like the nitrogen generator will continue to improve bar operations and make our industry more efficient than ever. If you have questions about nitrogen generators or would like to inquire about installation, please get in touch. As the leading provider of beer tap system installation in Chicago, we have installed several nitrogen generators and can guide you to a reliable model that will keep your drinks tasting great and keep business running efficiently.
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