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When it comes to running a successful restaurant in Chicago, the importance of having a reliable ice maker cannot be overstated. Different businesses have different ice machine needs. Cocktail bars may require gourmet ice machines, while a restaurant chain may need large commercial units. Cost, brand, and available space are additional factors to consider for restaurant ice makers Chicago.

While ice machines may seem uncomplicated, there are many different types to choose from with various features. It’s important to evaluate your business’ ice needs and research different units before purchasing. Stuever & Sons, a leading provider of Chicago restaurant equipment, can help make your search easier. Our expert team has put together this guide of key factors to consider when buying an ice maker.

Choosing the Right Type

The first step in selecting an ice maker is determining the type that suits your restaurant’s requirements. Chicago restaurants have diverse needs. It’s important to understand the various options available:

  • Custom modular ice makers. These machines can produce flakes, cubes, or nuggets and can be customized to fit within your space easily.
  • Remote units. These ice makers prevent excess heat and noise to avoid disturbing customers.
  • Undercounter ice machines. Undercounter units are great for small spaces.
  • Countertop units. These machines are excellent for quick drink service and create chewable nugget ice.
  • Gourmet units. Ideal for cocktail bars, gourmet ice makers can produce larger cubes or even spheres that melt slowly in mixed drinks.
These are the most common types of restaurant ice makers Chicago business owners are using. If your restaurant has different needs, Stuever & Sons can help you find a unit that best suits your establishment.

Capacity Matters

The capacity of your ice maker should match your restaurant’s peak demand. Consider the number of customers you serve during peak hours, the types of drinks you offer, and any other uses for ice, such as food preservation. Opt for a machine with a slightly larger capacity than your immediate needs. This will accommodate you when business spikes.

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

For restaurant ice makers in Chicago, energy efficiency is a top concern. Look for units with lower energy consumption and operating costs. Additionally, consider the maintenance requirements of the machine. Choose a model with easily accessible parts for cleaning and servicing. Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your ice maker.

Space and Installation

Restaurants in Chicago often contend with limited space, so it’s important to choose an ice maker that fits your available area. Consider both the physical dimensions of the machine and the ventilation requirements. If space is a constraint, undercounter ice makers could be a great solution.


Cost and Budget

The primary goal of a restaurant ice maker is to enhance your business’ efficiency rather than becoming a financial burden. Examine your budget and determine the price range you should follow for a new ice maker. It’s important to weigh the initial expenses against the long-term advantages of investing in a high-quality machine. 

Trust Stuever & Sons For Restaurant Ice Makers Chicago

Stuever & Sons is a leading restaurant equipment company in Chicago. We understand the unique needs of the local foodservice industry and provide restaurant ice makers Chicago businesses can depend on. By keeping these aspects in mind and partnering with us, you can confidently invest in a high-quality ice maker. This investment can improve your customer experience and ensure higher efficiency.

Contact Stuever & Sons today and let our experts guide you toward the ideal ice maker for your Chicago restaurant. With our quality products and dedicated support, you can create a refreshing experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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