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How to Make Your Own Frozen Cocktails in a Spaceman Frozen Drink Machine

Does your bar have a Spaceman frozen drink machine? These machines can transform nearly any liquid mix into a delicious frozen cocktail, making them a perfect accessory to your beverage program. Whether you’re aiming to offer frosty takes on beloved classics like margaritas or inventing your own signature frozen cocktails, the Spaceman machine is your go-to tool. But how do you ensure that every frozen drink you serve is a hit? Let’s dive into the steps to create the perfect frozen cocktail with your Spaceman machine.

Achieving Perfect Consistency with a Spaceman Frozen Drink Machine

What sets Spaceman frozen drink machines apart is their ability to consistently produce high-quality frozen beverages. Unlike traditional slushie machines, which can result in uneven textures, Spaceman machines deliver a uniform consistency, ensuring every drink is as quality as the last. This not only improves the taste but also the presentation of your cocktails, making them even more appealing to your customers.

Step 1: Understanding Brix Levels

Before you start mixing, it’s crucial to understand the importance of brix levels – the measurement of sugar content in your mixture. For optimal results with a Spaceman machine, your mixture should have a brix level between 13 and 18. A brix level that’s too low can cause the machine to freeze up, while a level that’s too high can prevent the mixture from freezing properly. You can measure your brix level using a brix refractometer and adjust your mixture accordingly by adding simple syrup or water.

Step 2: Creating Your Cocktail

Now that you understand brix levels, it’s time to get creative with your cocktail. Gather your ingredients and start with a small batch to fine-tune your recipe. For instance, if you’re making a frozen Espresso Martini, mix small amounts of vodka, coffee liqueur, freshly brewed espresso, and simple syrup. Adjust the brix by adding water if needed, and taste your mix to ensure it’s perfectly balanced in sweetness and alcohol content.

Step 3: Scaling Up Your Recipe

Once you’ve perfected your small batch, it’s time to scale up. Multiply your ingredients to create a larger batch suitable for your Spaceman frozen drink machine. Typically, 4-5 gallons is an ideal amount, depending on your machine’s capacity. For example, if your small batch was 8 oz, multiplying each ingredient by 60 will give you 480 oz, or 15 quarts. Use large, clear containers to mix and store your batch.

Step 4: Preparing the Full Batch

Combine your ingredients in a large food storage container and mix well. Check your brix level again to ensure consistency. Pre-chilling your mixture before adding it to the machine can help speed up the freezing process. Once your mix is ready and chilled, pour it into your Spaceman frozen drink machine, set it to freeze mode, and let the machine do its magic. In just a few minutes, you’ll have perfectly frozen cocktails ready to serve!

Step 5: Final Adjustments and Serving

After the mix has frozen, do a final taste test. You might need to make slight adjustments to the sweetness or alcohol content. For instance, if the mixture is too sweet, add a bit more water. Once your recipe is perfected, pour your delicious frozen cocktails into glasses and garnish as desired.

Pro Tips for Excellent Frozen Drinks

To ensure your frozen drinks are always a hit, keep these tips in mind when using your Spaceman frozen drink machine:
  • Add Alcohol Carefully: Alcohol has a high brix level, so add it in small amounts to avoid overshooting your desired brix level.
  • Use Juices and Sodas as Bases: These typically have lower brix levels and can help balance your mixture.
  • Add Water or Simple Syrup Last: Only add these if necessary, as they can significantly affect your brix level.
By following these guidelines and using a Spaceman frozen drink machine, you can elevate your bar’s beverage offerings and delight your customers with every sip. Cheers to perfectly frozen cocktails!

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