Sparkling wine on tap systems from A Head for Profits can save your bar time and money

Save Money with Sparkling Wine on Tap

If you’re looking to take your brunch service to the next level, sparkling wine on tap might just be the secret ingredient you’ve been missing. While the idea of serving sparkling wine from a keg may seem unconventional, it offers a range of benefits that can enhance your restaurant or bar’s efficiency and appeal. With faster pours and a longer shelf life than bottles, serving champagne or prosecco on tap can help speed up service and save you money over time.

The benefits of sparkling wine on tap don’t end there, though. Let’s explore all the benefits of sparkling wine systems, from taste to cost to sustainability and more.

Serve Fresher Drinks with Sparkling Wine on Tap

If you’ve experienced the disappointment of drinking wine from a bottle that’s been open a bit too long, the idea of preserving wine quality is a compelling one. Champagnes and proseccos have a limited shelf life once opened, often less than twelve hours. This can result in serving customers a less-than-ideal, flat, and unappealing drink.

Enter the sparkling wine on tap system. The wine is pressurized with an inert gas within the keg, effectively preventing oxidation. The result? A wine that maintains its freshness and carbonation for an extended period. Customers can enjoy a consistent and delightful experience, significantly reducing the likelihood of returned glasses or wasted bottles. From a business perspective, this translates to maximizing the revenue generated from each keg.

Variety is Everything

In the beverage business, offering a diverse range of options is essential. While mimosas are a brunch favorite, the brunch crowd probably isn’t your entire customer base. A sparkling wine on tap system offers the versatility to expand your beverage menu by serving sparkling wine by the glass for special occasions and even offering draft cocktails.

Draft cocktails have gained popularity due to their ability to match the quality of handcrafted beverages while expediting service. They not only free up valuable time for your staff but also minimize waste, contributing to cost savings. With sparkling wine systems, you have the flexibility to enhance your offerings, making your establishment even more appealing to a diverse customer base.

Increase Speed of Service with Sparkling Wine on Tap

When your restaurant or bar is busy, your staff works even harder to keep up service speed. During the brunch rush or on holidays, this task becomes extra challenging. Traditional bottle service, complete with uncorking and pouring, can lead to delays and customer inconvenience.

Here’s where sparkling wine systems shine. By eliminating the need for bottle preparation it streamlines service, ensuring quicker delivery to your customers. This translates into a seamless experience with shorter wait times.

Sustainable Solutions with a Sparkling Wine System

In an era where sustainability is a pressing concern, bars and restaurants have a role to play in adopting eco-friendly practices. Sparkling wine on tap provides a responsible solution by reducing the use of bottles and other waste.

Replacing bottles with kegs significantly reduces your bar’s waste. Many kegs are recyclable and reusable as well, making a sparkling wine system a great choice for eco-conscious establishments. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it also contributes positively to your brand image.

Get Sparkling Wine on Tap From Stuever & Sons

At Stuever & Sons, we love helping businesses increase profits and save their valuable time with innovative beverage systems. We offer sparkling wine on tap systems, as well as several other types of draft systems, and we’d love to pass their benefits onto you.

If you’re ready to elevate your brunch service with sparkling wine on tap, give us a call at 1-630-307-8787. Our team can’t wait to see your business gain revenue and satisfied customers from this system.

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