Glycol Trunk Line

What is a trunkline?

If you’re running a bar or pub with a draft beer setup, chances are you’re familiar with the term “trunkline.” These specialized tubing systems play a crucial role in long draw draft setups, but what exactly do they entail?

As a bar owner, grasping the intricacies of your draft beer system is vital for maintaining its efficiency and quality. Let’s delve into the fundamentals of trunklines and their significance in ensuring top-notch beer service.

Micro Matic 1 4 ID Barriermaster™ Flavourlock Beer Hose Line with 2 Products and 2 Glycol Lines

What exactly is a trunkline?

A trunkline is a specially insulated beer tubing system that transports beer from the keg cooler to the faucet, often weaving remotely through a building. Specifically tailored for long-draw systems, trunklines are engineered to uphold consistent temperatures over extended distances, guaranteeing that beer arrives at the customer’s glass with minimal foam and optimal flavor.

Components of a Trunkline:

Beer Lines: These are the tubes that carry the beer itself. They are often numbered for easy identification and come in different diameters to accommodate various dispensing needs.

Glycol Lines: Alongside the beer lines, glycol lines run to maintain the beer’s temperature. These lines are typically color-coded for differentiation from beer lines.

Foil Wrap: This wrap helps facilitate the transfer of cold from the glycol lines to the beer lines, ensuring consistent temperatures.

Insulation: Commercial-grade insulation surrounds the trunkline, preventing temperature fluctuations and maintaining the coldness of the beer.

Moisture Barrier Wrap: A hermetically sealed layer prevents condensation from forming within the insulation, preserving the integrity of the system.

Outside Barrier Jacket: This final layer provides protection to the insulation and ensures smooth movement of the trunkline.

Why are trunklines important?

Trunklines offer several advantages for bars that require long draw systems. Firstly, they eliminate the need to store kegs directly under the bar counter, reducing clutter and streamlining operations. Additionally, trunklines provide flexibility in faucet placement, allowing businesses to serve beer from multiple locations without sacrificing quality. Trunklines also help preserve the integrity of the beer by minimizing temperature fluctuations along the dispensing route, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and repeat business.

4 Beer Line with 8 Products and 2 Glycol Lines

Maintenance considerations:

While trunklines are renowned for their reliability, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance. Routine cleaning and inspection of the tubing are essential to prevent buildup and contamination, which can affect the taste and quality of the beer. Additionally, periodic checks of the insulation and vapor barrier wrap help maintain temperature consistency and energy efficiency.

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Beer trunklines are indispensable components in draft beer dispensing systems, particularly for businesses with remote beer setups or long distances between coolers and taps. Investing in high-quality trunkline bundles ensures that customers can enjoy their favorite brews in optimal condition, free from flavor degradation or excessive foaminess. Ready to elevate your dispense game? Look no further than Stuever & Sons. With our expertise in beverage dispense equipment, including trunklines, we’ve got everything you need to pour perfection every time. Let’s raise a glass to great beer and even greater dispense systems. Cheers!

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