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An example of Stuever & Sons water dispenser systems Chicago business owners can rely on.
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As businesses move toward more sustainable practices and as sparkling water becomes increasingly popular, we’re seeing more requests for water dispenser systems in our markets. While bottled water may have seemed like an easier solution in the past, the waste generated is not easily overlooked. Additionally, it’s always great to add another menu option for your customers. As a business owner, you’ll want to offer more options for your customers. That’s where a water dispenser comes in.

If you’re searching for water taps that can accommodate your customers’ tastes, look no further. Stuever & Sons is a trusted supplier for water dispenser systems that Chicago businesses are depending on. We offer high-performing water dispenser systems with features that bottled water can’t compete with. Our dispensers feature various faucets for still or sparkling water choices and exceptional filtration for a refreshing glass every time.

Water Dispensing Systems Chicago Businesses Rely On

Stuever & Sons is a leading restaurant equipment supplier in the area. We install water dispenser systems Chicago businesses rely on, and we can find the perfect model for you. We offer various taps to fit your space requirements. From compact taps for tight bars to elegant towers for a sophisticated edge and more, we’ll find a dispenser that matches your aesthetic.

Our water dispenser systems provide increased purity through microfilters to pour a clean and clear glass of water. With the rising popularity of options like triple-filtered water, this feature is an important benefit for your customers. Most dispensers include three faucets to meet different water preferences. Whether they prefer ambient still, chilled still, or chilled sparkling, your customers can happily sip on their preferred water option and you can charge for them.

We also offer replacement filters, water boosters, and regulators to ensure optimal performance for your dispenser. Rest assured that we are there to keep your equipment maintained and functioning properly.

How Water Dispenser Systems Can Help Your Business

The surge in popularity of water dispenser systems in the Chicago area is gaining momentum, and rightfully so. There are several advantages of making the switch to a water dispensing system over bottled water. Here are the key advantages business owners get from switching to water on tap:

More Variety
Stuever & Sons water dispensers have up to three faucets for different water options. Customers will no longer have to settle for just boring, flat water. They can choose from ambient still, chilled still, or chilled sparkling if they like.

More Filtration
Our water dispenser systems include microfilters for exceptional purity. Customers are looking for increased filtration, like triple-filtered water, more and more. With a water dispenser, you can provide a clean, fresh-tasting, highly filtered hydration option.

More Sustainability
It’s no secret that plastic bottles negatively impact our planet. As we grow more conscientious about sustainable practices, it’s a no-brainer to replace bottles with water-on-tap.

More Efficiency
Stocking beverage bottles and cans is already a laborious task. With a water dispenser system, you can save your staff time on stocking water bottles so they can focus on more important tasks.

More Savings
While there are up-front costs with water dispensing systems, the long term savings are well worth it. Stocking a business with water bottles can end up costing you. Water-on-tap is a much more affordable option for hydration.

Quench Customer Thirst With Stuever & Sons

We do more than draft beer. Stuever & Sons provides essential restaurant equipment to businesses in the Chicago area, and we’ve quickly become a trusted source for equipment expertise. We can install a water dispenser for your business in no time, ensuring high-quality product performance and customer service. We install water dispenser systems Chicago businesses can rely on, and we’ll make sure yours is perfectly suited for your needs. Don’t miss out on the benefits of water-on-tap – call us today at (630) 307-8787 to get started.

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