Stuever & Sons explains how a glycol chiller works and why they are beneficial for draft beer service.

What Is A Glycol Chiller?

A glycol chiller is one of the best pieces of equipment for long-draw draft beer dispensing. They keep beer cold as it travels from a keg inside a cooler to the tap, creating a perfectly chilled pour each time. These sophisticated cooling systems not only keep your brews crisp; they also excel in transporting beer across long distances. The glycol unit is used to pour beer at the same temperature as your walk in cooler. Let’s dive into the parts of glycol chiller systems to learn exactly how they work and why they’ve become so popular.

How Does a Glycol Chiller Work?

Glycol chillers work through a simple yet brilliant method. Through this system, the beer is kept cold within kegs in a walk-in cooler. Beer lines connect the kegs to the draft beer tower and faucets. A cooling agent called propylene glycol runs along the beer lines, tower and taps. The coolant keeps the beer frosty as it travels from inside the kegs. Essentially, the propylene glycol helps maintain the cold temperature as beer runs to the draft tower.

The Parts of a Glycol Chiller

There are many parts in a glycol chiller system that keep beer cold for long-draw dispensing. However, two key components help these systems perform well.

Trunk Housing:

As its name suggests, the trunk housing “houses” the beer lines and glycol cooling lines in a glycol chiller. These lines are bound together and insulated, creating direct contact between the beer lines and the coolant lines. This contact ensures that the glycol can do its job of cooling the beer lines as it travels from keg to tap. The trunk housing can hold multiple beer lines and run up to 750 feet, so many beer options can be served in one system across long distances.

Power Pack:

Each glycol chiller system will contain a glycol power pack. These are refrigeration devices that pump the coolant from the cooler to the faucet and back. The power pack contains a thermostat and controls the glycol temperature while moving it through the coolant lines. The returned glycol then goes back to the power pack, gets cold again, and keeps circulating. This constant movement makes sure the beer stays perfectly cold.

What Are the Benefits of a Glycol Chiller?

Glycol chillers are typically more costly and intricate than other draft system equipment, but their benefits make them worthwhile. Since they can be used over long distances, they offer more flexibility for equipment placement. Even if your walk-in cooler is far from your beer tower, a glycol chiller will keep your beer cold and crisp as it runs to the faucets.

There are potential challenges with glycol chillers. They sometimes require maintenance for cooling or dispensing issues, which may be expensive. Since the beer must travel in lines over long distances, beer waste could happen. However, with expert installation, these types of issues are less likely to occur.

Trust Stuever & Sons for Glycol Chiller Installation

Glycol chillers can seriously improve the quality of your draft beer and keep it flowing cold over long distances. Although they tend to cost more than traditional systems, the benefits are well worth the investment. With the right equipment and proper installation, you can serve draft beer as cold as the cooler right at the bar.

If you’re ready to implement a glycol chiller at your bar or restaurant, give Stuever & Sons a call. We are a leading provider of draft beer equipment in the Chicago area and beyond, and we have extensive experience with these systems. We can quickly install a new glycol chiller in your establishment, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance so you can start serving perfectly poured draft beer to your customers. Call us today at (630) 307-8787 to get started.

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