Wine On Tap

Wine on tap is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and bars, offering several advantages over traditional bottled wine. However, designing and installing a wine-on-tap system requires careful consideration to ensure the wine is stored and served correctly. Wines that are intended for tap systems should be selected based on their compatibility with the system, as well as their ability to maintain quality over time. Some wine varietals are better suited to on-tap systems than others, such as wines with lower tannins and acidity.

Save Money, Time, and Wine

Once the wine types have been selected, installing the wine-on-tap system requires attention to detail. One of our key considerations at Stuever & Sons is the material used for the wine lines. Stainless steel is a popular choice for wine-on-tap systems because it is easy to clean and does not react with the wine. The temperature of the wine is also an important consideration. Wine should be stored at a consistent temperature and served at the optimal temperature to maintain its quality.
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